You may have recalled several years back that I put out a newsletter called Stand Out Strategies. I took an admittedly long hiatus, but am back now with new (and revisited) topics about how to Stand out When You Stand Up.  My latest news is I now have a series of online videos that offer tips and techniques in all the elements of presentation skills—Anxiety, Content, Delivery, PowerPoint, and even Humanizing Elements.  I’ll introduce these over the next few issues in hopes that you’ll find some value in them and can’t wait to buy them!  There will be more pearls of wisdom to come and I’ve created a new feature called “Seen and Heard,” where in every issue I report on something I’ve seen a speaker do that can be a lesson to others—either a good thing or a not so good thing… May you learn and enjoy!


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What does it Take to be a Great Speaker?

Well, of course, you really can’t narrow it down to two things.  Being a great presenter requires a whole set of qualities—being really good at one or two of them may not necessarily make you a compelling speaker.  And, being weak at one or two may not necessarily make you a bad speaker.

But on a macro level, there are two general concepts that you need to embrace and practice if you want to be a great speaker.

My Top Two Tips video shares those two ideas—and even throws in a bonus thought…

Seen and Heard – Noteworthy Presentation Issues

Dance Steps/Crossed Legs

I see dance steps quite a bit.  It sends a clear signal of discomfort when the speaker “dances”—in other words, shifts around from foot to foot in a repetitive, non-purposeful movement.  But what I saw recently was the speaker who did the dance steps and then when he did manage to stand still, he stood with one leg crossed in front of the other.  Definitely an uncomfortable and uneasy look.  A balanced stance, with weight evenly balanced on both legs, is so much more poised and confident looking. And movement is not in itself a bad thing, as long as it’s purposeful. Purpose has power.

Let me know of any questions or concerns you’d like to see covered in future issues.

Barbara Busey


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