Five Secrets to Appearing Unflappable Under Pressure

You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying, “Never let ’em see you sweat.” Why? When you appear uncomfortable under fire, people generally assume it’s because you lack competence or honesty. If your reaction when someone puts you on the hot seat is to get defensive or combative, it’s not gonna win you […]

Avoid Going to Abilene

This month our nation will see an historic Presidential inauguration. In the last two months leading up to this, you’ve undoubtedly been aware of the energy and screening that our nation’s new president-elect has put into selecting his Cabinet. He has appointed people diverse in every way-not just race, gender […]

Communication Tips to Avoid Going to Abilene

The parable known as the Abilene Paradox represents a concept known as “groupthink.” (See “Avoid Going to Abilene.”) The Abilene Paradox—or groupthink—occurs when members of a group make a decision and take action, in spite of individual group members’ private misgivings about the desirability or wisdom of the action. They […]