The Outline is Awesome

The Outline is Awesome

“The outline is awesome!” This is one of the most surprising, yet most common, comments I get from my training. Surprising because, after all, the outline form is not a very sexy topic. Yet it’s one of the most common benefits stated by my training participants:...
The Black Slide

The Black Slide

“The black slide?  What’s that?”  This is one of the more common refrains I hear in my training. I’m forever preaching to my clients about the overuse of PowerPoint, pleading with them to cut back on its usage, use it only when it serves a purpose....

Guidelines for Dealing With Those in Need

I’d like to hold forth a little on a topic brought to mind because of my own recent experience:  I had surgery last month (a cervical fusion to alleviate horrific pain). And my experiences with those wishing me well and wanting to help compelled me to review...

Humanizing Example: Props

A conservationist held up an apple. “Consider that this apple represents our earth.” With a knife, she sliced it into quarters. She set aside three pieces, saying, “Three quarters of it represent the oceans.”  Holding up one quarter, she said, “This represents our...
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