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The Compelling Speaker Presentation Skills Online Video Courses feature the Four Cornerstones of great presentation skills:

  1. Alleviating Anxiety – How to manage the speaking jitters and make the butterflies fly in formation. Normally $59 – introductory offer of $39!
  2. Creating Compelling Content – Guidelines for putting together a coherent, well-organized presentation. Normally $59 – introductory offer of $39!
  3. Delivering with Dynamism – Seven Key Strategies for being a more dynamic speaker. Normally $59 – introductory offer of $39!
  4. Avoiding PowerPoint Poisoning – Tips on PowerPoint quality and usage. Normally $59 – introductory offer of $39!
  5. If you purchase all four, a total of $156 at the introductory rate, you get them for even less! Buy all four for the incredible low price of $99 AND receive a fifth video for free: Facts Say, Feelings Sway – ideas on how to humanize your talk—adding human interest in the way of examples, comparisons, stories, humor.

These 20-30 minute video courses are available on demand online, and can be replayed for reinforcement of learning principles. Since much of the effectiveness of presentations revolves around nonverbal elements, video training can have a profound impact on your skill building.

Each video comes with two free gifts—see details below. And each video comes with its own downloadable handout to use as you view the video training.

Don’t let fear of public speaking get in your way. Gain more competence, build your confidence and comfort, and present authentically, with sincerity in a natural way. Make a personal, emotional connection with your audience and learn to deliver presentations that will engage and influence them.

Watch our video excerpts below, then start training online now!

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Your purchase also includes:

*A free copy of Barbara’s e-booklet, Hooks, Humor and Humanizing Gems, a treasure trove filled with real life examples of how speakers humanized their presentations.

* A free digital copy of Chapter V—Visual Aids—from Barbara’s book, “Stand Out when you Stand Up,” which provides in-depth detail on not just PowerPoint, but other forms of Visual Aids.

*If you buy all four videos, you will receive a bonus free fifth video, “Facts Say, Feelings Sway


Pure facts, figures, data, information, statistics—these are the basics of a solid presentation. But they often need meaning and context to be clear to your audience. Your job as a speaker is to provide that context: the story behind the numbers, what the information means for the audience, how it compares—to the past, to other options, to other ideas, etc. You do this by humanizing your talk—adding human interest in the way of examples, comparisons, stories, humor… When an audience finds your content more interesting, they are more likely to listen and to be swayed by your message.

By the end of this video, you will know five different ways you can humanize your talk and understand the power of triggering your audience’s feelings so they will be more likely to be swayed by your message.

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