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The Compelling Speaker Corporate Workshop is a unique presentation skills training program that combines video instruction with a hands-on workshop. This format helps clients achieve mastery more quickly: participants are given a comprehensive notebook and access to a two-hour video series online before the workshop. By reviewing these materials beforehand, they come into the workshop with grounding in the basics of effective presentation skills.

They use this knowledge acquired and absorbed in advance as a foundation for their hands-on participation in the workshop. This means the instructor doesn’t have to use up class time giving “lectures,” and the attendees benefit from direct practice. The hands-on nature of this program, where participants stand up several times, get videotaped and critiqued several times, empowers them to achieve tangible improvements in their skill set.



The Compelling Speaker Videos:POWERPOINT1054

Each participant receives access to two hours worth of online videos to watch prior to the workshop. These Compelling Speaker Videos feature the Four Cornerstones of  great presentation skills:

  1. Alleviating Anxiety – How to manage the speaking jitters and make the butterflies fly in formation.
  2. Delivering with Dynamism – The value of what you say is determined by how you say it. Discover the impact of energy, vocals, eye communication, and non-verbals on dynamic speaking.
  3. Creating Compelling Presentation Content – Brilliant and creative ideas are meaningless if they’re difficult to follow or hard to understand. Learn what it takes to organize a presentation effectively so that it’s easy to understand, interesting, and memorable.
  4. Avoiding PowerPoint Poisoning – Presentation visuals are invaluable in making information more understandable and memorable. But poorly used or ineffective visuals can detract from the message. PowerPoint usage in particular is rife with misuse and abuse. Gain tips on creating quality presentation visuals and the powerful philosophy that can drive your effective use of PowerPoint.

*Corporate workshop clients also have access to a Bonus Video, “Facts Say, Feelings Sway,” how to make your content interesting and memorable.

The Compelling Speaker Workshop:


Because the video provides instruction, the day-long workshop (limited to six participants) can then be devoted entirely to sharpening participants’ skills. Each person has several opportunities to deliver presentations, be videotaped, and receive extensive feedback and coaching.

Workshop Format:

Participants have several opportunities to stand up and deliver presentations, including a prepared 5-minute talk, two impromptu presentations, an energy exercise, and a Q&A session.

Each individual receives extensive feedback and coaching—from both classmates and the instructor—with an emphasis on specific tips and guidelines designed to help each speaker get even better than he or she already is.

All presentations are video-recorded, a powerful tool in uncovering strengths and challenges, and all participants get a private opportunity to review their videos immediately after they’ve heard their feedback.  And the videos are theirs to take with them.


Typical Agenda:

  1. Introductions [videotaped]
  2. Class Instructions
  3. Five-Minute Presentations with videotaping and extensive coaching
  4. Noon
  5. Working Lunch
  6. Impromptu Exercise [videotaped]
  7. Discussion or Lecture Module (Optional)
  8. Impromptu Exercise* [videotaped]
  9. Repeat Five-minute Presentations + Q&A – [videotaped]


Download our Client Pre-workshop Information for instructions and pre-work for your Compelling Speaker training.


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