Do Without PowerPoint!

Do without PowerPoint?! What? Blasphemy! But… PowerPoint has become the kudzu of visual aids, infesting our presentations with overdone graphics and walls of words. It has literally overtaken our talks. Speakers read from them and  become totally reliant on them. The result is a boring presentation, stripped of any humanness, […]

Purpose Solves Many Presentation Problems

Think about some of the presentations you’ve seen that were, shall we say, less than ideal. I’m going to guess the problems fell into one of three areas: Dull delivery; Wordy wanderlust; and PowerPoint poisoning. At first blush, it’s probably not clear what these areas have in common, other than […]

Just Say No to PowerPoint

There’s actually a week in February called that: “Just Say No to PowerPoint Week.”  Really.  Initiated by a communication consultant in California, it’s her attempt to get presenters to focus on one-on-one communication instead of hiding behind the crutch that PowerPoint can be. While I can understand her thinking—PowerPoint can […]