Humanizing the Talk Adds Interest

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard more than your share of speakers who delivered a dry, fact-loaded speech. While there’s nothing wrong with facts, of course, it does beg the question: why am I here? Just give me the report, for crying out loud, and I’ll read it for myself.  But humanizing the […]

Humanize Your Talk to Make It Interesting & Memorable

The difference between a dry speech and an interesting one is in how much the speaker humanizes the talk. Pure facts, statistics, information, or explanations are not in and of themselves riveting. But when you add humanizing elements, you make your talk mesmerizing and memorable. Here are some examples. Use […]

Simple, but Powerful, Way to Organize Your Presentation

My client met with me stressed and flustered. She had the biggest presentation of her life coming up in four days. She had collected tons of research, compiled spreadsheets of financials, commissioned elaborate illustrations, and created dozens of PowerPoint slides. But, there we were just 96 hours before her big […]

Purpose Solves Many Presentation Problems

Think about some of the presentations you’ve seen that were, shall we say, less than ideal. I’m going to guess the problems fell into one of three areas: Dull delivery; Wordy wanderlust; and PowerPoint poisoning. At first blush, it’s probably not clear what these areas have in common, other than […]