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What’s it like to participate in Barbara Busey’s presentation skills training?  Here’s what a few individuals who have been through our Compelling Speaker Training have to say.

“Instructor was excellent—has that fantastic mix of professionalism, sincerity, humor. Program’s benefits were the tools to take with me, the candid feedback, and the exercises were great.”

“Enjoyed the feedback. Barbara has a gift of not only her skill, but her heart that shines through. She cares about helping you improve so you can add value to others.”

“Barbara has a gift for positive feedback and positive critique technique. Very much enjoyed the class – know I learned a lot.”

“Workshop was excellent – both in general and for me, personally. Barbara was excellent. Stayed on time and delivered promised results”

“Most professional, most sincere! My opinion: best instructor for our leadership program” “Barbara is one of the most effective instructors that I’ve encountered. She has the perfect blend of dynamism and practices what she preaches. Likeability – 10+! Excellent!”

“The workshop instruction was excellent! Tools we received can be used immediately. I also thought the peer reviews were a key element. Barbara was informative, energetic, and well-versed on the subject. One of the best outside vendors I’ve seen at our company.”

“Excellent, related feedback to a very detailed level – very actionable. Focused, specific and easy-to-apply skills”

“The overall consensus, firmwide, was that your presentation was excellent. Perhaps direct quotes from a few evaluation forms would be helpful to you:

“An excellent, dynamic speaker.”

“Clear message delivered with humor.”

“…she gave specific recommendations that I can use.”


Client Company Comments

Testimonials- hands clappingCorporations convey their thoughts on how Barbara’s training benefits their employees.  Here are just a few.

“Barbara is an outstanding speaker and presenter. She mesmerizes her audience with her enthusiasm and her command of the subject. She never fails to research her topic completely, finding interesting ‘tid bits’ and anecdotal stories to emphasize her main points. My clients always look forward to Barbara being our speaker!!” – Renaissance Executive Forums

“practical suggestions of benefit…to almost everyone.” —Smith Helms Mulliss & Moore, L.L.P.

“I have recommended Barbara Busey to my clients on a number of occasions, and they have been thrilled with her work. Barbara is serious about the business of speaking, and she holds her students to high standards. I’m pleased to recommend her for presentation skills training.” —Altman Initiatives

“Barbara is among the absolute best at preparing people to stand up in front of an audience. She creates the right environment for learning and provides the tools and the know-how which result in success for her clients.” —Red Rover Communications

“Barbara’s session on dynamic public speaking is a standard part of our leadership classes. She’s vibrant, positive and very skilled at helping professionals create the desired impression in public appearances.” —The Charlotte Observer

“Working with Barbara gives you such confidence in your speaking skills. I was able to make HUGE strides in my first session due to her depth and breadth of experience and her genuine caring for you as a person and client.” —Life Coach

“Having been a part of a number of ambitious projects here, I can safely say few—if any—of those projects have received the universal acclamation as your training… Of the many things you obviously do so well, the greatest key to your success here has been your ability to balance tactful handling of each executive with useful, constructive advice.” —Bank of America

“Thank you, Barbara, for leading us down the path to presentation “power.” The bottom line has been the results. Our batting average has improved tremendously and almost every new account that we have pitched has become a client. …well worth the time and money invested.” —Lyerly Agency

“Barbara is an outstanding consultant and I have received rave reviews from all levels of employees attending her Presentation Skills training program. Every single participant said it was the best training they had ever had. She infuses her programs with fun and energy and creates an environment conducive to learning what we fear most—public speaking.” —Quaero, A CSG Solution

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