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“Your ability to tell your story, sell your idea, and enlighten others is a powerful skill.
Mastering that skill will help you be more successful, more confident and more personally fulfilled.”

Presentation Dynamics is a training firm specializing in the dynamics of how people present themselves.
Since 1990, Owner and President Barbara Busey has conducted training, speaking, writing and coaching in all areas of communication and professional development skills, but she specializes primarily in presentation skills.

From corporate workshops to individual coaching, her offerings are designed to help people project more powerful and credible presence, to be “stand out” presenters who can communicate their ideas with impact.


Online Video Training

Online Video Training

Since much of the effectiveness of presentations revolves around nonverbal elements, video training can have a profound impact on your skill building. Do you want to overcome the anxiety,  gain more competence, and build your confidence ?  These videos allow you to see the way it should be done, showing you how to present authentically, and make an emotional connection that will engage and influence  your audience.
Online Video Training

Corporate Workshops

The Compelling Speaker workshop is a unique presentation skills training program that combines online video instruction with a one day hands-on workshop.  The advanced video instruction means no class time has to be used up in “lecture” and instead can be devoted entirely to practice, where the participants have several opportunities to deliver, get videotaped and critiqued. This results in tangible improvements in their skill set by the end of the day.
Online Video Training

Speaking Services

Need an engaging speaker for your next event? Barbara speaks often on any topic related to the dynamics of how you present yourself, including Delivery Skills, Compelling Content, PowerPoint Pointers, and more. She is available for keynotes, luncheons, dinners, or breakout sessions.

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“Barbara is an outstanding speaker and presenter. She mesmerizes her audience with her enthusiasm and her command of the subject. She never fails to research her topic completely, finding interesting ‘tid bits’ and anecdotal stories to emphasize her main points. My clients always look forward to Barbara being our speaker!!” Renaissance Executive Forums

“Having been part of a number of ambitious projects here, I can safely say few—if any—of those projects have received the universal acclamation as your training… Of the many things you do well, the greatest key to your success here has been your ability to balance tactful handling of each executive with useful, constructive advice.” Bank Of America

Presentation Dynamics Expert Video Training

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